Wicked South Productions, LLLP is bringing the haunt industry to Savannah with their inaugural haunted attraction. Owners Tom McCormick and Emeka Nwokeji took on the task of filling the void for a professional haunted attraction in America’s Most Haunted City. Wicked South Productions has been working diligently with the top professionals in the industry to bring you custom props, costumes, and scares.

Tom has been a home haunter for the last 10 years. Each year the scenes have grown larger starting from a meager front porch to filling two back yards and garages in the Godley Park area. Last year Emeka saw firsthand what Tom had created and he then knew he was ready to sign. Together they formed Wicked South Productions, LLLP with the goal of bringing quality entertainment in the form of Haunted Attractions to the Greater Savannah Area. Tom was not ready to commit to a single theme instead he touched on several genres to fill this year’s haunted attraction. Each uniquely themed room is designed to intrigue, entertain, and test your nerves…and most pleased to add to your entertainment and horror with special guest performances by Dead City Clowns